About Us

About Dev-Agri Tech Pvt Ltd

About Us
Dev seeds is engaged in Agri-business since 1995, as a result of an urge to serve for the welfare of farmers and increase productivity by GUIDING FARMERS ABOUT the SUPERIOR quality and improve seeds by using new technologies at reasonable price. It is a dream come true for its founders who felt that with their agricultural background, their aim to self-actualization cannot be met unless their acumen is utilized for the welfare and services of farmers. After WORKING many years IN AGRICULTURAL ACTIVITIES AND WITH LONG EXPERIENCE WE ARE IN A POSITION TO ADVISE ABOUT a string of successful products AVAILABLE in the market which are proven to be successful in India. A smile on the face of satisfied farmers/CONSUMERS is the ultimate reward for Dev Seeds.

Working for and with Farmers

To realize the goal of increasing farm income Dev Seeds works closely for and with farmers. In first step all commercial hybrid seeds are provided to the farmers so that they get much higher remuneration for their produce, and higher market rates. In all stages farmers are educated about best cultivation practices and efficient management of Agri-Inputs. DEV SEEDS is looking forward for collaboration and technologies ICRISAT, NASI (NEW DELHI), VARIOUS UNIVERSITIES(Haryana Agriculture Hisar), INDIAN AND FOREIGN COMPANIES. ALSO IN PROCESS OF RECOGNITION AS R & D HOUSE BY CSIR, MIN. OF SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY & GOVT. OF INDIA.

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